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How to modify a Practising Certificate

There are many reasons why you may need to modify your practising certificate. These include:

  • you are required to handle trust money and your your current certificate does not permit it 
  • you are required to change to another practising certificate type, such as changing from a corporate to a government role, or 
  • you commenced partnership or intend to establish your own legal practice, and need to obtain a principal practising certificate

You can request most modifications to your practising certificate through LSB Online. If we refuse your request, we will explain to you why we have made this decision.

Please use our 'Changing my practising certificate' user guide or watch the video below to help you modify your practising certificate.

You can also view our frequently asked questions on 'Applying for a principal practising certificate' or 'Applying for or renewing a practising certificate'.

Changing my practising certificate type

Use these instructions to change your practising certificate type. For example, you may move from employee to principal, or from a principal to a government type.
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