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Renewing my practising certificate

Use this guide to help you renew your practising certificate. Please also see our frequently asked questions for information specific to the 2021/22 practising year

Visit LSB Online

Click on the button ‘Log into LSB Online’

Log into LSB Online

Enter your log in details. Your username is your practitioner number [P1234567] which was sent to you when you registered for an LSB Online account

Log in screen

Select ‘Practicing certificates’ from the menu

Home screen

Select ‘Renew your practising certificate for 2021/2022’

Forms screen

You will see the practising certificate renewal form home screen. It contains six sections to complete.

The blue ‘?’ buttons contain useful tips to help you complete the form


Most of your details will already be populated. Please check these are correct.

Details information

Your ‘Practising certificate type’ will display your current certificate type. 

If you are changing your practising certificate type you can do that here. 

If you are applying for a principal practising certificate for the first time:

  • If you have completed an approved practice management course in the last three years you can select ‘Principal of a law practice’ or ‘Principal of a law practice with trust’ and proceed with your application
  • If you have not completed an approved practice management course in the last three years, you will need to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and expertise before your application will be processed. Please see our frequently asked questions to understand these requirements before submitting your application. 
Practising certificate type

If you need to change your current place of practice (employer/organisation) you can do this here

Under the section ‘Current practices’ you will find a drop down menu with your current place of practice

Click on the ‘Cease’ button

Current practices

Enter the date your position with your employer will cease. Select your ‘Cease reason’ from the drop down menu.

Click ‘Continue’

Cease pop up

You will now see a ‘Ceased date’ for this position

Cease date

Click the blue ‘Add practice’ button to add your new employer

Add practice CTA

Start typing the practice/organisation name into the first box and then select the correct organisation from the list

The system will automatically populate the practice type and address

If you can’t find your organisation on the list you will need to contact us via the lawyer enquiry form 

Select the ‘Position type’ from the drop down list

You can add multiple places of practice (for example, if you also work as a volunteer, or work two part time jobs), and you should answer ‘Yes’ to the place of practice where you spend the most time

Enter your ‘Commencement date’. This must be later than your ‘Cease date’ above and can’t be before the date you submit this application to us.

Click ‘Continue’

You will now see your new employer details under the ‘Law practice’ section

Add practice pop up

If your address for service has changed you will now need to update this. This must be a street address, and the suburb, state and postcode will appear on the register of lawyers online


Address for service screen

In ‘Other contact details’ you can update your phone, fax and email. You can also update your mailing address preference here which can be your address for service or primary place of practice. You can only provide one email address

Contact details screen

These questions help us make a decision about whether we can issue you with a PC

Select your place of residence from the drop down list. 

Select the ‘Principal place of practice’ from the drop down list. If not ‘Victoria’ provide details

If your place of residence and/or principal place of practice is not Victoria view our interstate lawyer FAQs 


If you have a practising certificate with a supervised legal practice condition you will see this question. This means that you must be supervised while you engage in legal practice. 

If you have met your supervised legal practice condition you must apply to have this removed. This isn’t done automatically. See our frequently asked questions for detailed instructions on how to do this. 

If you would like to have this condition removed before renewing your practising certificate, save a draft of this form and follow the instructions in the frequently asked questions.

Supervised legal practice

You must be a fit and proper person to hold a practising certificate.

You should disclose any matter that relates to serious dishonesty, such as criminal charges, pending criminal proceedings, misconduct, contempt of court, etc. You are not required to disclose things like parking fines or speeding tickets, unless the circumstances or frequency of the offending indicate a disregard for the law (for example, multiple fines over the course of a few months). 

If any of the matters referred to above are applicable to you, or if there are any other matters which you think may be relevant, please attach a written statement addressing each of these matters using the attachments button.

If you have previously disclosed matters to us these don't need to be disclosed again at renewal.

Unless you have a new matter to disclose select ‘No’ to these questions. Please see the ‘Notes’ or our disclosure and how cause events FAQs for more information.

Fit and proper person to hold a practising certificate

Automatic show cause events refer to a ‘bankruptcy-related event’, ‘serious criminal offence’ and ‘tax offence’.

If an automatic show cause event has happened to you prior to this application, you must disclose this by providing us with a written statement about the event, explaining why, despite the event, you consider yourself to be a fit and proper person to hold a certificate. A ‘Notice of show cause event’ form is available to assist you.

If you have already disclosed a show cause event to us, you don’t need to do this again.

Unless you have a new matter to disclose select ‘No’ to these questions. Please see the ‘Notes’ or our disclosure and how cause events FAQs for more information.

Show cause or notifiable events

Due to COVID-19, for the 2020/21 practising year, there is no 5 hour cap on private study. 

You must still have completed 10 units of CPD by 31 March 2021 (pro rata), but this could be done through the private study of relevant audio/visual material. 

You can tick the ‘Yes’ box even if you have undertaken more than 5 CPD units of private study of audio/visual material. The PC renewal process will then proceed as normal.

If you have not met the requirements for other reasons and do not have an exemption, please tick ‘No’ and you will be required to complete a rectification plan. For more details see our CPD frequently asked questions

Your application will not be processed and will remain pending until you complete your rectification plan.

Continuing professional development

This section is voluntary and provides valuable data for the sector. 

Information provided about areas of practice or languages can be included on the register of lawyers if you consent in the next tab.

Tick the boxes for the areas of law in which you practice. You can tick a maximum of 15. New areas of law have been added since 2020/21.

Enter information about the number of days and hours you work each week

Practice areas

Select your country of birth from the drop down list. You can also select up to two ancestries.

Tick the boxes for any languages you speak. If you provided a free text response under 'Other' last renewal period this is now provided as a new option in the form. Please tick the relevant box(es). 

Ethnic and cultural diversity

Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ here to let us know if you already hold a practising certificate, or have recently applied for one, from a jurisdiction other than Victoria

Enter a ‘Tick’ in the declaration box, which is your digital signature


If you would like your information about areas of practice and languages to be included on the register of lawyers online select ‘Yes’ to the consent questions.

If you select ‘No’ but provided these details in the previous section, this information will only be used for de-identified reporting.

Use and disclosure of personal information

A summary of your information will appear in the ‘Payment’ screen

Click ‘Confirmed’ or go back and edit your information if incorrect


Your fees will now display

Select your payment method. You can pay by BPAY or credit card (Visa, Master Card and Amex)

If you select credit card the payment screen will load and you can enter your details. A tax receipt will be emailed to you.

If you select BPAY we will email you with the BPAY payment details

If you select BPAY, please note that your application will not be processed until we receive payment

We can’t issue you with a tax invoice for later payment. You need to select either credit card or BPAY to submit your application

If you have any questions about the fidelity fund deferral or discount from 2020/21 please see our frequently asked questions


Click ‘Submit’ to send your application to us for review. If you don’t click submit the application will remain in draft and you will not get your practising certificate.

Submit CTA

We will review your application and let you know when it is approved.

Your application will only be processed when we receive:
•    A completed application form via LSB Online
•    Your payment 
•    Notification that any applicable professional indemnity insurance has been paid

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