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Human-centred Design Resources

Human-centred design is a framework that develops solutions to problems through involving the human perspective in each step of the design process; approaching them from the point of view of those experiencing the problems.

The designers at Portable delivered workshops to support the delivery of our 2019 Grants round theme.

Their report, Design for Justice, is a statement on how design thinking principles can be used to improve the legal sector. It provides a guide for individuals working or using the legal industry to improve the way justice is delivered.

Design for Justice report by Portable

Other Resources

  • Platform C is a virtual hub offering support, learning and connections for people tackling big, tough problems and creating large-scale impact through collaboration.
  • A Wayfinder’s Guide to Systems Transformation is a guide with lots of great advice for NFPs and shares 18 insights into tackling complex systemic problems through collaborative processes.
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