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The Board and Commissioner operate two committees under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014. Both of these committees have a Board member appointed as Chair. The committee functions are listed below.

While the committee functions remain the same year to year, the membership of those committees does occasionally change. External experts are co-opted to committees as necessary. The details of members of these committees for any given year are listed in the annual report for that year, which are available from the Annual Reports page.

Investment and Funding Committee 

The duties of the Investment and Funding Committee include:

  • Review investment objectives and strategy, and make recommendations to the Board; and
  • Provide strategic advice and make recommendations in relation to allocation of grants and new or additional funding allocations that comply with the Board's powers to fund under the Application Act.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The duties of the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee include:

  • Risk management
  • Internal controls
  • Financial statement
  • Legislative and policy compliance
  • Internal and External audit; and
  • Other responsibilities as requested by the Board and Commissioner.
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